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FDA Warning Letters Issued to Institutional Review Boards

America Charitable Fund Inc. [2000-12-5] pdf icon

Atlantic Medical Center [1999-06-23] pdf icon

Baptist Health System [1997-10-23] pdf icon

Bayshore Community Hospital [2001-06-28]

Catholic Health Partners [2002-09-12]

Central Florida Eye Institute IRB [2004-07-12]

Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic [1997-09-15] pdf icon

Cooper Health System [2000-08-30] pdf icon

Christus St. Patrick Hospital [2000-08-29] pdf icon

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center [2002-11-07]

Downey Regional Medical Center Institutional Review Committee [2004-06-16]

Essex Institutional Review Board [1998-08-27] pdf icon

Essex Institutional Review Board [2000-03-01] pdf icon

F.F. Thompson Healthcare Systems, Inc. [1998-04-14] pdf icon

Fairview Hospital IRB [2003-05-14]

Family Medical Center IRB [1999-08-30] pdf icon

Franklin Hospital Medical Center [1998-10-05] pdf icon

Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine IRB [2000-03-09] ** pdf icon

Griffin Hospital [2000-03-24] pdf icon


Kaweah Delta Health Care District Institutional Review Committee [2004-05-04]

Hialeah Hospital [2002-03-18]

Henrico Doctor's Hospital IRB [2004-08-30]

Hilton Head Medical Center and Clinics [1996-12-23] pdf icon

Holy Cross Hospital IRB [2000-09-26] pdf icon

Huntsville Hospital [2003-03-11]

ImmunoGenetics IRB [2001-08-13]
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Kaiser Foundation Research Institute [1999-07-22] pdf icon

International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation Inc. [1997-06-02] ** pdf icon

Irvine Regional Hospital and Medical Center [2002-06-14] **

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital [2003-05-27]

Louisiana State University Medical Center IRB [1999-03-12] pdf icon

Lovelace Institutional Review Board [2003-02-27]


Midwest Heart Foundation [2004-08-31]

Mission Bay Memorial Hospital/Institutional Review Board [2000-03-14] pdf icon

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary [2003-12-11]

North Texas IRB [2003-03-14]

Northeast Georgia Medical Center Inc. [2000-03-25] pdf icon

Oak Lawn Institutional Review Board [2003-09-17]

Ochsner Clinical Foundation [2002-03-05]

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center [1999-03-11] pdf icon

Outpatient Surgery Center for Sight IRB [2000-02-25] pdf icon

Pacific University College of Optometry [2003-01-14] **

Queen of the Valley Hospital [1999-06-07] pdf icon


Siems Advanced Lasik Center [2004-04-05]

Shepherd Eye Center Institutional Review Board [1999-08-11] pdf icon

Southern Connecticut State University Institutional Review Board [1999-10-11] pdf icon

St Anthony Memorial Health Center [2001-10-12]

St Francis Hospital Inc [1997-12-03] pdf icon

St. Francis Medical Center Institutional Review Board [2000-08-14] pdf icon

St Mary's Medical Center [2001-03-07] pdf icon

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital IRB [2004-05-27]

State University of New York [1997-07-17] pdf icon

Texas Applied Biotechnology Research Review Committee [2000-09-27] pdf icon

University of Colorado/Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board [1999-09-13] ** pdf icon

University of Iowa IRB [1999-06-28] pdf icon

University of South Florida Health Science Center Institutional Review Boards 01 and 01B [1999-11-10] pdf icon

Valley Hospital Medical Center [1997-02-18] pdf icon

Virginia Commonwealth University [1999-08-12] pdf icon

Virginia Mason Research Center [1999-09-23] pdf icon

Source: FDA Archived Warning Letters by Date


Last Updated:2005-03-30