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Terms of Use

The information on BioethicsWatch is not offered as medical advice. BioethicsWatch exists to memorialize the consequences of a social problem — the current under-regulation of research on human beings. We offer information to raise public awareness, and to protect and educate consumers.

BioethicsWatch provides information in the hope that:

Always consult with your licensed primary care physician about research participation. He or she is most familiar with your individual medical situation and is in the best position to help you evaluate the pros and cons of research participation.

Please don't make medical decisions based upon information on this web site.

BioethicsWatch strives for accuracy and transparency. Documents posted on this web site have a provenience and are offered on an as-is basis. Before you use material from BioethicsWatch you should ascertain its timeliness and accuracy. If you find material errors of fact on our web site, use the Contact link at the top of this page to lead us to the appropriate documents.


Last Updated: 2005-03-30