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Privacy Policy

BioethicsWatch collects no information from visitors to this web site for marketing or promotional purposes. The forms send only the text you enter. This site does not sell or otherwise re-use the names and addresses of people who contact us.

Any changes in our privacy statement will be published on this page.

Update (2004-09-23) The site is temporarily running a program to track visitors to this web site in order to:

  1. get some idea how visitors find this site
  2. see which, if any, web browsers are most common, though we *should* be interoperable already …
  3. make sure there are no dumb navigation glitches causing visitors to bounce between sub-menus or get stuck looking for information
  4. figure out which hours of the day are most popular, and plan to add content at times that seem like they'd be least disruptive

The program will log IP addresses, referring URLs, browser types, time spent here, and pages viewed. Since these logs would rapidly overwhelm our disk space, the data is dumped every hour – all the web master sees are graphs. We also use WebStat 1.0, which provides web site activity results in tabular format.


Last Updated: 2005-03-30